About picWorkflow Stock Photography Tools

picWorkflow started in 2010 as a simple tool to help with distribution and portfolio management for new images in the Microstock stock photography market.

It has grown to include a variety of tools and websites, all with the goal of improving your stock photo workflow, and ultimately increasing your revenue from stock photography.

Our keywording, captioning and retouching services are used by hundreds of photographers to improve the quality of their images’ metadata, and to quickly and efficiently process their photos from camera to agency in as little time as possible, for maximum profitability.

The entire picWorkflow suite of tools is now made up of a wide selection of websites, tools and applications.

Everything in the picWorkflow suite is owned and run by Bob Davies, a stock photographer and illustrator (mainly for microstock) with a modest portfolio of around 2000 images across 10 agencies. He is an experienced software engineer and workflow specialist, and has worked on many workflow-improvement projects for corporate clients big & small around the UK.