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Future of picWorkflow? Need your opinion

picWorkflow has been running now since 2011. In that time, the technology it’s built on has moved on, so I’m thinking what to do going forward and I really need your input. The site just about makes enough to keep the servers up and running as-is, though they’re starting to age (we had some bumps […]
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Video Previews on Stock Footage

I’ve tweaked the preview-generator today so you can now upload videos to picWorkflow, without jpg preview files, and both the thumbnail/jpeg and a webp video file will be built from the uploaded mov. The video previews will display on-hover for the Workspace/Metadata and Workspace/Keywords pages. Should display for all browsers except IE (which doesn’t support […]
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Stock Photo Research Tool – Retired

Update: Unfortunately the agency who provided the underlying data for the research tool have revoked my key, it’s not going to be possible in future to get data for new searches. Cached searches will still give results (for a while) but there will be no new data :/ It’s highly unlikely I will be able […]
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Stock Performer: Best of the Best

Luis and Oliver from Stock Performer gave a fantastic presentation at Microstock Expo (if you couldn’t attend, the full conference videos should be online in the not too distant future, you should totally check them out, since I’m in there too ;)) and published their raw data and full analysis on a very thorough and […]
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Introducing: Kozzi Images

Quick interview with Dan Kosmayer, founder of a new agency kicking into gear: I’m finding his heavy use of technology driving growth at Kozzi to be an interesting and positive approach for a new agency, so figured I’d share this interview since Kozzi is now accepting all contributors 🙂 Bob: What’s the background on […]
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Completed: picWorkflow Server Upgrades

You’ve probably noticed the picWorkflow website running ever more slowly recently, sorry about that, the demand for the distribution service has been steadily growing over the years. picWorkflow runs on a pretty slim margin and was originally built pretty quickly (2 weeks for beta version) so I’ve had to hold back from spending on major […]
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Why picWorkflow?

I saw this video today, and it got me wondering… Why do I do what I do? At first glance it seems pretty obvious, I run my own small business because it a) gives me interesting things to do, b) keeps me motivated to improve my skills, and c) helps pay my bills. But that’s […]
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Microstock Expo 2013 – Don’t miss it!

Just announced today the dates, speakers and programme for Microstock Expo 2013 in Berlin. I attended and spoke at Microstock Expo in 2011 (and will be doing both again this year) and it was freaking awesome. I’m really looking forward to it again this year. I hope to see you and many other picWorkflow members […]
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