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Future of picWorkflow? Need your opinion

picWorkflow has been running now since 2011. In that time, the technology it’s built on has moved on, so I’m thinking what to do going forward and I really need your input. The site just about makes enough to keep the servers up and running as-is, though they’re starting to age (we had some bumps […]
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Video Previews on Stock Footage

I’ve tweaked the preview-generator today so you can now upload videos to picWorkflow, without jpg preview files, and both the thumbnail/jpeg and a webp video file will be built from the uploaded mov. The video previews will display on-hover for the Workspace/Metadata and Workspace/Keywords pages. Should display for all browsers except IE (which doesn’t support […]
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Completed: picWorkflow Server Upgrades

You’ve probably noticed the picWorkflow website running ever more slowly recently, sorry about that, the demand for the distribution service has been steadily growing over the years. picWorkflow runs on a pretty slim margin and was originally built pretty quickly (2 weeks for beta version) so I’ve had to hold back from spending on major […]
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Microstock Expo 2013 – Don’t miss it!

Just announced today the dates, speakers and programme for Microstock Expo 2013 in Berlin. I attended and spoke at Microstock Expo in 2011 (and will be doing both again this year) and it was freaking awesome. I’m really looking forward to it again this year. I hope to see you and many other picWorkflow members […]
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Taking Part in Deactivation Day? picWorkflow can help.

This week I’ve been getting a lot of requests for help from people deactivating their images/portfolios on iStock as part of Deactivation Day as a result of iStock’s crazy Google-drive partnership ripoff. I only have a tiny portfolio on iStock (52 images) because their submission process is such an inefficient time-sink anyway but will be […]
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GeoStockPhoto: The Marketplace for Geotagged Photos

Introducing a new and interesting agency to the stock photo community today: GeoStockPhoto. Geotagging isn’t all that new (flickr have been doing it for a decade), but using geo-tags (latitude and longitude embedded in each file) to help image-buyers find and purchase images certainly is. It’s something I hear from designers quite often that they’d […]
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Faster Submissions with the Microstock Submission Assistant

Releasing the first version of the picWorkflow Microstock Submission Assistant to make submitting images to your microstock agencies faster. Give it a go, and tell me what is the priority to be added next to make this tool totally awesome 🙂 Install now for Firefox. Edit 11-Feb-2013… Now also available for Chrome. Tweet
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Photo retouching service now available on picWorkflow

Perfect pictures every time, we don’t stop until you’re 100% happy! How long does it take you to process an image from camera to ready-for-stock? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Half an hour? More? Stop wasting your time, get our team to do it for you. At just $0.90 an image we don’t stop until you’re […]
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