Stock Photos You Really Should be Shooting

If you want to be selling more microstock images, these are some of the ideas, concepts and subjects you should be shooting.

For once, I’m not going to prattle on. 🙂 Here’s a list of the best stock photography niches generated by people on over the last two weeks.

I’ll try and make this a regular thing.

overpass freight great dane ultrasonic claustrophobia slapstick holiday vip light chakra illustration slapstick banana rooftop tent studio apartment brahms mayan calendar raleigh skyline gypsy caravan loading luggage goose chase paris metro loan shark examinations export crate kindergarden classroom ecuador indigenous prostate grandparents happiness minefield sun dogs slapstick accident chihuahuas caution cones eco bike sauna cabin kerala fishing famished male stripper lilypads pigeon isolated frankfurt airport financial statements salisbury steak grandparents person busy mom riverboat steamboat maternity form infant twins newspaper boat minature models lake titikaka autistic boy smiling dogs hobo camping wyoming boat bottle plumbing tools ginkakuji kyoto chartered accountant exotic cultures wood pellets santa twins warbling banks deposits photocopier office blinds dog baseball energy orbs nude yoga crazy grandma telemarketer business homeless people monopoly game christmas scenes waiting bus mosquito bite strip poker sylvan lake taxistand urine analysis d
iet chart
flags airplane crazy horse native cloths morello cherry tesla belfast castle fostering foie gras baby basketball dog frisbee lab rat sailboats racing brussels night native americans bermuda beach tissues pinata magician rabbit cat rabbit lilo flying kick kyoto tower seattle vacation city tomato buffalo falls predjama castle aboriginal flag mount rushmore lacrosse sunroof drawbridge chain bullying dry cargo magnetosphere service recovery traffic congestion tattoo razor paris airport vienna opera wild rabbits sunset bali filing cabinet vietnam island rainbows civility

Good luck with your sales.

If you shoot images as a result of picNiche data, please point me at them and I’ll include links in a gallery sometime 🙂

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