RSS Feeds and Free Stock Photo Finder Firefox Addon

Today I’m launching my latest picNiche-related project:

StockPhotoFeeds has two main services:

It’s taken a lot of research to compile both these tools, and I have a lot of improvements to StockPhotoFeeds planned over the coming months. This will include working the photo feeds into both the picNiche toolbars and into the free-image search addon to gain more exposure for microstock images to potential buyers.

The free images addon project in particular has raised a few eyebrows among microstock contributors already, simply due to the fact it makes it even easier to find free stock photos or public domain licensed images. This is nothing new to microstock, almost all of the microstock agencies offer free images, and they are included in the addon.

My blog here on picNiche is read almost exclusively by microstock contributors (and a few traditional stock photographers), so I’d like to know what you think about this project, what do you think I should do to improve the benefits to micro with the feeds and addon, and how do you think it can best be used to improve sales for microstock contributors?

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  1. Burt
    Posted August 27, 2010 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    If you are aiming to please contributors, then having a tool to search across multiple agencies for “most downloaded” or (better yet) “highest grossing” images would be far more useful.

    As a contributor, I am interested in seeing trends of what sells, but have little interest in seeing what is free (other than perhaps to avoid it since it is hard to compete with free…)

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