Earn more from Microstock with the picNiche “Share” button

A new version of the picNiche Microstock Contributor Toolbar was approved by the mozilla reviewers last night and should be rolling out on auto-update today.

I want to highlight a new feature of the toolbar which can help you earn more from your microstock accounts by referring image-buyers: The new “Share” button.

You can use the Share button to create a short link for any webpage, when you shorten links to your portfolio or other pages on an agency site, the link will have your affiliate code added to it automatically so for anyone viewing that page from your link who signs up at the agency, any money they spend you will get a share (agencies vary but most are around 5-10% of any package they buy). When you share a link to any other page, like yours or anyone elses blog/website, it will add a toolbar suggesting image-searches related to that page they may like to buy, when they do, you recieve a share of the sales.

How to use the Share button

picNiche Share Button Hover View

The Share button uses another site in the picNiche network: Picz.us (also owned and run by me), and when you click the Share button the first time it will ask if it can send your codes to Picz.us. Then it will gather the affiliate codes for all agencies you have setup in the picNiche toolbar, and open the signup page for Picz.us.

Picz.us Affiliate Codes Display

You should check the codes are correct and fill in any missing ones (123RF very rarely provides the id, I’m not sure why, their site is a bit weird) by clicking the name-link for each agency. Then enter your email, name and a password to secure your account (your info will never be shared with anyone else and is stored securely encrypted).

Picz.us Signup Form

The login form will submit and your profile information (email and affiliate codes) will be displayed. You can also add affiliate codes for other agencies (those not polled by default by the picNiche toolbar) by ‘Edit’ing your profile. You can now either shorten the original URL you sent by clicking the shorten button, or close the tab.

Anytime you use the picNiche “Share” button on a page you want to share in future it will open directly to the result page with your short URL, share that with your friends or on twitter/facebook/etc and earn money when they buy any microstock images.

Why not give it a try by hitting “Share” on your toolbar now and let me know what you think 🙂

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