Great Subjects to Increase Microstock Sales

This is the report of some of the best niches revealed from searches on the picNiche stock photo analysis-engine during the last month (October 2010).

I also have entries below for the high picNiche rated searches among people using The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search addon for Firefox and for Chrome.

These results are awesome topics to shoot to increase your microstock sales. They all represent concepts or topics where there is more demand than is currently satisfied by supply.

High rated picNiche Topics – October 2010

barometer clouds search push-button coral reefs pool filter barcode expensive wrinkly clothes bush fire istanbul evening christmas preserves bored birthday lovers hats atoms render banana-peel loan shark vertices capoera mango smoothie leaky roof mack truck titanic fog cemetery tweets rodeo clown ticket booth yoga class eucalyptus aircraft instrument us constitution hangglider pina colada devastated woman kangaroo sign businesswoman informal burned buildings people gipsy roofer man nails gel construction drawings snow removal loan application leech flat world dance microphone incoming mail yule tide box tissues gps compass cotton plantation car wash nefertiti egypt nosebleed office blinds asian workers walking-stick corn dog rural australia

Top Searched with High picNiche Ratings on Free Stock Photos Tool

This is made from a list of the most common search terms on The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Finder, filtered for only those with a pretty decent picNiche rating.

solar panels pita bread feeding animals winter carrot cake girl tissue sneeze female bodybuilder toothbrushes sand trap shot honeycomb pattern beehive family reunion brainstorming boy expression scared love sand beach stone business punk paper boat sad couple african american holiday indiana agriculture photovoltaic superhero girl playing violin pasta love casually cloud computing whales soap background bubbles bad economy floating waterlily wallstreet fathers day electricity grid hidden eggs dropped into water calla lily oil spill makeup concepts ayers rock vessel trade dirty dishes fox hunting raspberry smoothie fingernail polish lovebird christmas fireplace turntable heraldry pattern casualties cellulite kung fu chicken wrap aloe vera plastic surgery barns atm buffalo wings facial cream creme brulee koala kayak paddle mountain biking beautiful female mannequin boardroom hummingbird wind turbines solar panel parrots washing hands lake tahoe fingerprint

Want more info to improve microstock sales?

On a related note, if everyone could please spread the word about my Microstock Power Search Tool for Google Chrome and the Microstock Powersearch Plugin for WordPress, this will help improve the information I put together about microstock searches and identify fields even more relevant to what is in demand for microstock 🙂

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