Introducing the picNiche Image Deck open beta

There has been a lot of incredible feedback for the picNiche toolbar over the last year, and many requests for more workflow improvements. So now, I’m delighted to release into public beta the next phase in improving microstock submission workflow: The picNiche Image Deck.

What is the Image Deck?

The picNiche Image Deck makes processing and submitting images to microstock agencies much faster. That includes managing, assigning and uploading model/property releases, setting categories (which can be suggested from image keywords) and properties data (submission notes/flags), and uploading via FTP.

Where images are uploaded through the deck (each will be tagged in the metadata with a unique identifier), the relevant page on each site then has a button added to “autopush” that image/batch, populating the appropriate fields on the agency site with the information added through the deck.

Currently supported are Fotolia, Shutterstock and Dreamstime (english-language versions). I’m planning to add support for many more sites and better support for people using the non-english versions of these sites in future as it progresses out of beta stage.

How to use the picNiche Image Deck?

The Image Deck requires the picNiche Contributor toolbar installed and configured. You must have at least one of dreamstime, shutterstock or fotolia configured and tracking earnings correctly.

Once the extension is installed to your firefox: go to Tools/picNiche Image Deck on the main menu and a new window will open.

You can find out more by watching the high quality version of the picNiche Image Deck Introduction video or on YouTube.


There’s a lot of work still to be done, but with your help and feedback, I’m confident it can speed up the submission processes and reduce the cost of producing for microstock substantially 🙂

Beta means Experimental

The Image Deck is currently in beta. This means it works great for me, but you may see problems. I really need your feedback and your help to find and fix problems as they occur, and to suggest features that need to be added or improved to really bring it upto the quality of ‘production’ software.

There are a wide variety of reasons why some parts of the software may not work for you, everything from different versions of pages served by the agency websites, different languages or localisations, using different image software to retouch/keyword, or your operating system settings. The image deck is a much more complex piece of software than the toolbar.

To avoid any major issues, I highly recommend backing up your images before running them through the image deck just in case of a major failure. If you’re a programmer, you may also be interested to take a look through the source code (inside the installation package).

Any bugs or other issues, suggestions for improvements and other items to be added to the task list can be read on, or added to the picNiche Issue Tracker Website, there is a button in the main screen of the image deck to add these quickly. Or of course, email me at Please give as much detail as possible when reporting a bug or requesting a feature, the more info you send, the more likely it is I can fix it quickly and get an update out.

Really excited 🙂

Big thanks go out to the guys who provided feedback during closed beta, they’ve helped to fix a lot of issues and made for a much better application for everyone.

I’m really excited to see where the Image Deck can lead. Let me know what you think of it so far, and how it can be improved 🙂

Download the picNiche Image Deck - Open Beta Version
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    Going to check it out, looks promising:)

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