Science Themed Stock Photo Ideas To Shoot

I saw this great post on Photopreneur about Science topics being an untapped Niche in Stock Photography.

There are some excellent suggestions on what to shoot for microstock and traditional stock photography, but I wondered what else might be highly relevant, and would give a good RPI (return-per-image) for the photographs or illustrations created.

I’ve dug into the picNiche database, and come up with a list of science related stock photo ideas which are not saturated, and would sell well on most of the microstock agencies.

I know there are a few topics in here I’ll be asking my wacom tablet about later 🙂 Have a dig through the list, and see if there’s anything you want to shoot for stock.

experimenting beakers microscope laboratory flasks brain tumor pharma chemistry molecule structure science experiment microscope molecule frame beaker blood cell 3d neuron dna molecule laboratory glassware lab equipment brain biology blood cells disease molecules cytology pcb laboratory cells glass laboratory microscope bacteria mad scientist photomicrograph science lab experiment blood cells microscopy woman scientist forensic lab microscope slides lab cells hand virtual reality urine analysis research vessel pipette dropper brain neuron laboratories molecular structure test tube container vessels plexiglass chemical flask bacteria chemistry person dna machine microbiology laboratory laser lab laboratory equipment dna vector antibody burette flask laboratory microbiology nanotechnology laminar flow atom forensic science test tube color glass flasks pharmaceutica woman science dna testing reagenzglas vaccine woman scientist lab laser monitor flask science research room histology woman science laboratory molecular biology vaccine experiments testing beakers
genetic engineering
microscope slide pipette science woman billions of stars test tube smoke scientist woman molecule science beaker newton cradle green glassware dna biotechnology
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    great info. thanks

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