Upload Speeds for 47 Microstock Agencies

I’ve been putting together a dataset to estimate wait times in the picWorkflow upload queues, and pulled out some data about the rates of agency’s FTP server receiving speeds. As expected, the agencies who accept footage have much faster connections than those who don’t, though a shameful showing from the networks of some of the top-tier agencies. (NB: This chart is upload speeds, not submission times… that’s coming next in the series :))

With scalable bandwidth being so cheap at the moment, even with high usage figures a lot of the agencies in the red section really could use a pipe upgrade 🙂

Loading the Chart showing Uploads Speeds for Major Microstock Agency's FTP servers

Really, since (in the west at least) 500k-to-1megabit upstreams are the most common, receiving files at any less than half a megabit is wasting contributor’s time.

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