What to Shoot for Stock – Double-Whammy!

This is the report of some of the best niches revealed from searches on the picNiche stock photo analysis-engine during the last month (September 2010).

I also have a new special addition to the niche list this month of most popular searches among people using The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search addon for Firefox and for Chrome, head below the niche list to get the searches.

These results are good topics to be shooting photos for stock, and will all improve your overall portfolio performance. They all represent fields or topics where there is more demand than is currently satisfied by supply.

Best picNiche Topics for Shooting Stock Photography

waning moon firebird moisturizing cream pregnancy weight tires warehouse public relations soccer boots exotic cultures unicycle pedal britain passport pinata starter gun loading ramp silk butterfly minefield gingerbread halloween runners draft table heating system shower construction dog frisbee chaps country restaurant dinners antique cars carryon luggage ticket booth reception key plumbing construction inbound marketing devastated woman healing stone coloured cd filing cabinet tango dancer counseling jumping trampoline tango people tango couple police asian chakra authentication pressure wash hyperactive children corn dog tyre track gps compass spank campfire marshmallows double rainbow epilation handprints healing hands aeronautic tandem bicycle broadband router doom asian workers french castle

Top Searched with Good Ratings on Free Stock Photos Tool

This is made from a list of the most common search terms on The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Finder, filtered for only those with a pretty decent picNiche rating. There were a lot of ‘trash’ searches for porn related terms (which supports my theory that if you offer the internet a search box, someone will try to find pr0n with it) which I’ve cleaned out, and should be left with some pretty awesome topics for your portfolio.

football helmet room service broker favorites guillotine arabian horses boardgame brussels pedicure blacksmith jacuzzi kittens frankenstein gay couple obama liger turtles wolf white dove mojito wind turbine police badge old cars iphone implant harmonica hotels bodybuilder shanghai brain seahorse sixties binary code drilling rig bratislava golden retriever magpie snow leopard puppies vending machine slip courthouse module steampunk bonsai tyres umpire rent firefighter mexican food fairies

Want more info on improving your stock portfolio?

On a related note, I also released 2 new addons for finding microstock images at the moment, and some more stuff to come next month. The image-buyer userbase is very small at the moment, but if everyone could please spread the word about my Microstock Power Search Tool for Google Chrome and the Microstock Powersearch Plugin for WordPress, then next month I’ll have a set of common microstock searches which are even more relevant to what is in demand for microstock 🙂

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  1. Posted October 1, 2010 at 5:58 pm | Permalink

    that’s great, I keep all this info, need to do a few 🙂 thanks!

  2. Kamil
    Posted October 1, 2010 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

    Very interesting, thanks for this!

  3. Posted October 3, 2010 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    Wow! As always, thanks for these golden nuggets of information!

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