GeoStockPhoto: The Marketplace for Geotagged Photos

Introducing a new and interesting agency to the stock photo community today: GeoStockPhoto.

Geotagging isn’t all that new (flickr have been doing it for a decade), but using geo-tags (latitude and longitude embedded in each file) to help image-buyers find and purchase images certainly is. It’s something I hear from designers quite often that they’d like to be able to search for images of specific locations, actually by location, GeoStockPhoto are doing that, and I think it’s a great niche to be in.

If you have images of specific locations and want to find a good market for them, I think these guys are targeting just the right market to sell your images. As a nice bonus, all uploads from picWorkflow to GeoStockPhoto are free.

Here’s some more about GeoStockPhoto from their team:

GeoStockPhoto: the only dedicated marketplace for geotagged photos

A groundbreaking service in the world of photography: set your price and licence for your own pictures.

GeoStockPhoto hosts pictures from every corner of the world, displaying information about the place they have been shot in. That is why photos appear as spots on a big map, calling for your attention and stirring your curiosity.

The best is yet to come: submitting pictures on GeoStockPhoto allows you to set your price and licence, which can be modified at any time. Here is the great deal: photographers get up to 85% revenues on each sold photo!

Contributing is free and easy. Go to, and create an account filling up the form or using your Facebook login. Photos can be uploaded also via picWorkflow or FTP, in a simple and fast way.

GeoStockPhoto offers you a million good reasons for joining the community! New subscribers will get a special GeoStockPhoto welcome gift: 100x100x100. Just so: upload at least 100 photos and get 100% revenues for 100 days, starting from sales opening (coming very soon!). Exclusive conditions, only for you and only on GeoStockPhoto!

GeoStockPhoto is growing day by day also on social networks! You’ll find them on:
Twitter: @GeoStockPhoto

Check them out at or contact them on:

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