Photokore: A Fresh Market for Microstockers

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Traditionally The West has always been the major market for stock photography sales. Despite that success industry-wide growth has been limited in the west for several years.

Many stock photo agencies seek new markets outside their home territory, setting up a localization strategy, targeting their collections to specific languages and even moving their headquarters to try and connect better with foreign markets. It depends on their business and strategies, but Asia is a common place for their new home. Asia is so attractive because the economy (particularly in China) is continuously growing at a very fast pace across the continent, and there are enough people in Asia coming online to present a broad userbase to try new products and services.

What does it imply to you, the average microstocker? Seeing limited growth in sales to the American and European audience?

How about trying something a bit different?

As companies in all markets are increasingly eager to sell products in Asia, the volume of commercial media targeted to Asians is increasing hugely; and as a result the demand for Asian imagery grows with it. It does not mean that you must produce photos of Asian people, landscape, and objects immediately though you should consider it. The demand for local content is increasing in many Asian countries and many Asian creatives still use western-focused images to market to their customers. It’s ideal for you to expose your existing images to the current market and use the results of your sales to help research when/how you create Asia-targeted content for future production.

As the first microstock agency which focuses specifically on the needs of users in Asia-Pacific region Photokore provides a platform for talented artists like you to sell your images in one of the fastest growing regions in the world –Asia! Whilst some agencies are still struggling in the wilderness, there’s an untapped goldmine waiting for photographers interested in reaching such a new and exciting marketplace.

Get started in Asia, signup with Photokore today!

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