picWorkflow gets image stats, free distribution and more…

The first phase of picWorkflow’s stats tools are now live on the site.

There’s more to come, but already the stats tools can be used to improve your portfolio metadata, to distribute your images to more agencies, and to find out where your images may have problems and how to solve them.

Agency Distribution Statistics

You can now use picWorkflow to track your portfolio growth at 10 agencies (more coming online soon) with handy charts for each agency. It also already imports your agency images in the backend and I will soon be adding the tools to the interface soon to automatically detect accepted images and flag up images which you may not have uploaded to some of your agencies so you can easily distribute your portfolio for maximum sales across all your configured agencies.

Automated picNiche Analytics for your stock portfolio

The stats page includes a section to review picNiche analytics data for all keywords found in your portfolios (both on picWorkflow and on agency sites) to figure out where the best opportunities are for more image-sales and for better promotion via SEO. This includes finding the most-searched keywords in your portfolio.

It will also flag up any potential spelling errors or typos on your discovered images to help you find any images which could be performing better and make suggestions to get your images in front of more (and more relevant) image buyers.

Other awesome additions

The free distribution tier has been increased to free 100 uploads per month for all accounts.

I’ve also added a TON of other tools to help you manage your images better, to distribute them, and to ensure your metadata is getting your images in front of more relevant buyers.

  • The portfolio browser for metadata and distribution is now searchable by title/keywords
  • The browser can be maximised to use all your screenspace
  • Image thumbnail sizes onscreen can be toggle for better viewing
  • The import page lets you set (and remembers) your default agencies for an entire batch
  • You can order keywording right ON import of a batch
  • Metagroups have been added to show images ‘not’ yet ready for submission
  • The title & description field length/words are validated for your agencies
  • A new picWorkflow homepage
  • The structure of the site is clearer: Import – Workspace – Distribute
  • The import page shows matched/paired files (JPG+EPS/etc) before import
  • And countless other improvements!

What else is coming soon?

These tools are coming soon, working feverishly on getting them ready 🙂

  • Stats phase 2 is coming along soon for earnings tracking
  • Your own cross-agency searchable microstock portfolio website
  • Automated submissions on some agencies is in the works
  • ‘Image matching’ management interface to help clear up agency duplicates and/or similars
  • Some extensions to free storage
  • Image captioning from 15c
  • The free picWorkflow and photoshop-for-microstockers video learning-center

What are you waiting for? To get all this awesomeness…

Go and signup at picWorkflow »

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  1. Lori
    Posted September 22, 2011 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    Do you plan to incorporate a notification in the software that gives (icon perhaps by each individual agency?) an indication of those agencies you believe keep metadata/copyright info for each image submitted?

  2. Posted September 27, 2011 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    looking forward to the auto-submit feature. I think that would significantly increase the value of picworflow

  3. Posted December 5, 2011 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

    PicWorkFlow is being featured at StockFuel here: PicWorkflow.com – Alternative to iSyndica


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