Taking Part in Deactivation Day? picWorkflow can help.

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This week I’ve been getting a lot of requests for help from people deactivating their images/portfolios on iStock as part of Deactivation Day as a result of iStock’s crazy Google-drive partnership ripoff.

I only have a tiny portfolio on iStock (52 images) because their submission process is such an inefficient time-sink anyway but will be removing 48 of them, keeping the last 4 images till I reach payout before removing them too.

How can picWorkflow help you?

For anyone using picWorkflow to upload their images to other agencies I’m offering free storage for a month or so (usually a week, but I’ll round up to the end of the following month from your contact), and will provide free distribution credits to anyone using picWorkflow to distribute more than 200 images.

Just signup for picWorkflow (or use your existing account), add your agencies, upload via FTP and import your images (or wait 24 hours for them to be imported automatically), then drop me an email to bob@picWorkflow.com from your registered email address. I’ll extend storage for all your recent imports, and credit your account with distribution credits for any pending-auth upload tasks you have active when I receive your email.

Suggestions and Tips:

picWorkflow also offers keywording (and re-keywording), captioning, and retouching, with a focus on metadata for non-exclusive imagery. I can’t discount these services as they’re already as low-cost as is realistically possible (the keyworders and captioners work really hard, and take ~90% of the paid amount) but be assured our keyworders know their stuff and if you choose to use any of these services we’ll do our very best to ensure you’re 100% pleased with the results.

You can also speed up your image submissions using the picWorkflow microstock submission assistant browser plugin for Firefox.

You may also want to check out my recommendations on previous post written specifically for people leaving iStock which includes lots of tips on optimising your distribution/workflow, my video tutorial for people new to picWorkflow, and my full list of agencies to sell photos and illustrations through now. I’d also like to put in notable mentions for Shutterstock and Depositphotos, both of which sell like crazy for me (far outpacing my RPI on iStock and most other sites).

A lot of people are fed up of constantly getting royally-screwed by iStock over and over, will you be taking part in Deactivation Day and which agency/agencies are you moving to?

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