How long does image keywording take on picWorkflow?

One of the most common questions I get about picWorkflow is how long keywording of images takes… since it’s a ‘natural system’ (because keyworders are crowd-sourced, subject to QA, and they choose which images they want to work on, and how much they wish to earn), it’s a difficult question to give a definitive answer to.

I have however, dug through the picWorkflow data and come out with some basic charts which give you a rough idea of how long the keywording of a photo (or illustration) should take. My data is clearly in early-days so it’s not particularly statistically significant, but it’s a good indicator (and I will update this post periodically).

Number of Keywording Tasks Completed

This shows the relative number of people choosing to pay at each cost-bracket (between 0.5 cents per keyword and 2 cents per keyword). The long-tail shows most people prefer to pay at-or-near the minimum amount.

Keywording Tasks Duration to Completion

This shows that most keywording tasks (87.4% to be precise) complete within 2 days. 72.9% take 1 day or less. Not bad even if I do say so myself 😉

Keywording Completion Times by the Chosen Payment Cost

The trend here clearly shows that choosing to pay more, leads to a significantly faster turnaround AND a higher keyword-quality satisfication index (I don’t know if satisfication is a word, but heck, that’s what I’m calling it :))…

Tips for Faster and Better Quality Image Keywords from picWorkflow Keyworders

  1. Pay a little extra, you’ll see the difference.
  2. Do you REALLY need 50 keywords on that image of a textured metal sheet or clear blue sky shot?
    • Sometimes keyworders will stop at 35-40 simply because there are no good words left, and none of them wants to be penalised on a rating by adding very generic terms just to make up the numbers.
  3. If your image already has all 50 keywords, try having them audited down to 40 or so, you’ll get a better quality keyword set, and subsequently a higher conversion rate in the agency search engines.
  4. If your image is of a specific location but exactly where is not obvious from the image, consider adding it either to the title or as the first keyword(s) before tasking for the rest. Keyworders will reference any which are already there when deciding what else should be added.

Any questions or issues, please let me know 🙂

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