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How to Earn More Money from Wedding Photography

There has been a lot of pressure on wedding photographers over the last few years, with the reduction in cost of equipment with prosumer-level DSLR cameras and easier access and marketing to potential customers through social media, craigslist, gumtree and other classified ad platforms. Even with people relying on their friends and family to capture […]
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picNiche Contributor Toolbar Survey Results

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in the picNiche Contributor Toolbar survey over the last month. The feedback is greatly appreciated, and I’d like to share the nuts and bolts of what I learned, and how picNiche is likely to develop in future as a result. The charts […]
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Help!! Improve picNiche with the toolbar survey

It’s been almost a year since I released the first version of the picNiche microstock contributor toolbar. I’m delighted that it’s been such a big success so far, and am almost ready to release a lot of extra stuff to go with it: but I need your help. Building, bug-fixing, supporting, and updating the toolbar […]
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Add your own buttons to the picNiche toolbar

Thanks to many many requests from lots of people: the picNiche contributor toolbar can now be configured with your own pollers. You can configure a poller to load a page from any website, to parse two separate values (one for the button text, and another for the tooltip) and have the result displayed on a […]
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Microstock agencies: Help me to help you!

As development progresses for the picNiche contributor toolbar, which reads basic earnings/portfolio data from the various microstock agencies, I face a dilemma, and I need your help to resolve it 🙂 I regularly receive requests to retrieve more information from the microstock agency websites, the most common are for data to generate detailed RPI (return […]
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Welcome to picNiche Blog

Just a standard first-post. More info and some blog styling coming soon. For toolbar users, a quick reminder to keep up-to-date with the toolbar version. I’m currently working on it to get it into the public side of the Mozilla addons site, but until then the auto-update service is not allowed by Mozilla. If there […]
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