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Stock Photo Research Tool Rebuilt

Update: Moved to a new host. Send me feedback if you want this tool to stay up and running. I’ve built a new research tool prototype with new tech, to help you find ideas/topics/subjects for your stock images, i.e. what to shoot. The old one was hitting the database too hard, and built on difficult […]
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Stock Performer: Best of the Best

Luis and Oliver from Stock Performer gave a fantastic presentation at Microstock Expo (if you couldn’t attend, the full conference videos should be online in the not too distant future, you should totally check them out, since I’m in there too ;)) and published their raw data and full analysis on a very thorough and […]
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Introducing: Kozzi Images

Quick interview with Dan Kosmayer, founder of a new agency kicking into gear: Kozzi.com I’m finding his heavy use of technology driving growth at Kozzi to be an interesting and positive approach for a new agency, so figured I’d share this interview since Kozzi is now accepting all contributors 🙂 Bob: What’s the background on […]
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Microstock Expo 2013 – Don’t miss it!

Just announced today the dates, speakers and programme for Microstock Expo 2013 in Berlin. I attended and spoke at Microstock Expo in 2011 (and will be doing both again this year) and it was freaking awesome. I’m really looking forward to it again this year. I hope to see you and many other picWorkflow members […]
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Top 2000 Image-Buyer’s Searches vs Keyword Popularity

I’ve been playing around with some of my data the last few days (having a bit of an overhaul to get picWorkflow running faster) and before I archive off some of my data-tables I thought this one might be of interest to you 🙂 The list shows the top 2000(ish) short-form searches (no more than […]
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Taking Part in Deactivation Day? picWorkflow can help.

This week I’ve been getting a lot of requests for help from people deactivating their images/portfolios on iStock as part of Deactivation Day as a result of iStock’s crazy Google-drive partnership ripoff. I only have a tiny portfolio on iStock (52 images) because their submission process is such an inefficient time-sink anyway but will be […]
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How To Sell Photos: A Complete Guide

There’s recently been a lot more people using picWorkflow, many of whom may have missed out on some of my earlier posts about the stock-photo/microstock industry, so I figured it’s time for a review post listing some of the most useful previous posts covering various techniques, tips and advice on both getting started in microstock […]
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Stock Performer Giveaway!

With picWorkflow I’ve spent a LOT of time trying to come up with a viable, and reliable stats/analytics service for microstock and I’ve come to a conclusion… it’s damned near impossible to do well. Keeping up with changes in the agency pages, and collecting/collating all your image data into a usable form which offers real […]
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GeoStockPhoto: The Marketplace for Geotagged Photos

Introducing a new and interesting agency to the stock photo community today: GeoStockPhoto. Geotagging isn’t all that new (flickr have been doing it for a decade), but using geo-tags (latitude and longitude embedded in each file) to help image-buyers find and purchase images certainly is. It’s something I hear from designers quite often that they’d […]
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