Why picWorkflow?

I saw this video today, and it got me wondering… Why do I do what I do? At first glance it seems pretty obvious, I run my own small business because it a) gives me interesting things to do, b) keeps me motivated to improve my skills, and c) helps pay my bills. But that’s why I run my own small business… that’s not why I run this small business.

Everything I’ve ever done has had one real goal… to help people save time. To help people focus on the things they do best. I did this for the large companies and clients I’ve worked directly with in the past, through process improvement, workflow development, and through the creation and introduction of tools to make that happen.

That’s fine, but why picWorkflow?


picWorkflow saves you time, lots and lots of time… and for the first time, I’m not alone in this…


picWorkflow connects the good people who want to, and need to save time directly with people who know how to do this best. People who do this day-in day-out, and really are experts at what they do.

So, What?

What picWorkflow does is connect people, really really good people… with each other.
Why? Because I want to help you take back your time.

I think that’s something to be proud of, for you, for myself, and for the rest of the team stood beside me 🙂

Ask yourself this question…
Why do you do, what you do?

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